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Poor Fuel Delivery?

Published by Chad Carnahan on Jul 5th 2018

Here are the most common conditions that can cause insufficient fuel delivery from a new fuel pump.

  • Your pump filter screen or the sock filter in the fuel tank could be clogged. Solution - Clean or replace the filter.
  • There could be a break or a kink in the fuel line. Solution - Repair the fuel line and remove all restrictions.
  • There could be a loose fitting or air leak on the inlet side of the pump. Solution - Tighten and clean all connections. Check the fuel line.
  • You may have the wrong pump for the application. Solution - Get a larger output pump.
  • You might have an incorrect float level, malfunctioning inlet needle, or clogged inlet screen in the carburetor. Solution - Replace and repair as needed.
  • You might have a plugged gas vent in the gas cap or tank vent. Solution - Clean the vent in the gas cap or tank.
  • Your level in the gas tank might be too low. Solution - Add gas.