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40177 Facet Cube Solid State Fuel Pump, 12 Volt, 1.0-2.0 PSI, 7 GPH

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Facet manufactures more original equipment fuel pumps than any other company in the world. View full description



  • Facet 40177, 40226
  • Heckendorn 200225
  • Kohler 2539301
  • Miller Electric 192093
  • MultiQuip VR36
  • Textron Turf (Jacobson) 1002889

For moderate needs up to about 150 horsepower, the Solid State fuel pump is sufficient.  Pumps can also be combined in series or parallel to achieve any required pressure or flow.

Facet fuel pumps have low power requirements (about 1 amp at 12 volts) and operate without troublesome seals or diaphragms. Facet pumps are compatible with gasoline, alcohol blends (up to and including E85), diesel, biodiesel, and fuel additives. 

Built-in pressure relief means no flooding after shutting down a hot engine.  Check valve assures that fuel flows in either direction when the pump is turned off.  

Can replace Facet 40226 and 40256.

We only sell Genuine Facet pumps.  Beware unreliable foreign knock-offs.  Made in the USA.

Extra Information

12 Volts
Shut-Off Pressure (PSI):
Gallon Flow Per Hour (GPH):
Fitting Size:
1/8-27 Internal
Minimum Dry Lift (inches):
40 Inch
Check Valve:
Positive Shut Off Valve:
Positive Lead:
Negative Lead:
0.25 Inch Ring Terminal
External Filter:
Facet FEP735 or FEP43175 74U Filter

Warranty Information

90 day warranty from date of purchase on all genuine Facet pumps. A new filter must be installed with the pump to validate the warranty. We warrant our products to be free of defects in material and workmanship. No warranty is made against deterioration or corrosion after shipment. Our liability is limited to replacement of the defective part. We do not cover labor expenses. No other warranty is either expressed or implied.